Carpet Cleaners Sacramento

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Carpet Cleaning Sacramento offers top quality carpet cleaning, along with numerous other cleaning services. Our reliable carpet cleaners will provide you with top notch, affordable work. We offer both residential and commercial carpet cleaning in the Sacramento area. Give us a call today to set up an appointment and get your web coupon to save on your payment.

We  do more than just carpet: we also do upholstery - both clothe and leather – as well as auto interiors. We can remove pet stains and odors from carpets and furniture. In the case disaster strikes, we perform 24/7 water damage restoration and cleanup. And we can clean any type of rugs - from a discount area rug to heirloom silk or oriental rugs

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Sacramento Carpet Cleaning

Sacramento Carpet CleaningOur most frequently requested service. Regular care is needed to extend the life of carpets, and also to avoid violating its  manufacturers’ warranties! If you read the fine print on most of their warranties, it suggests that you need to have them cleaned every 12-24 months (varies by manufacturer). Plus, it makes your home or office a cleaner, healthier, better looking place to be!

We use the hot water extraction cleaning process – commonly called carpet steam cleaning – to agitate and remove dirt, grime and allergens. This process injects heated water mixed with detergents into the carpet which removes and lifts dirt from it. It’s then sucked up with a powerful vacuum and the dirty water is stored for our disposal. Our service is available to both residential and commercial clients, and we handle cleaning jobs anywhere from a room or two to tens of thousands of square feet.

Upholstery Cleaning

Sacrament Upholstery CleaningClothe or fabric upholstery is cleaned in much the same way carpets are cleaned. Our upholstery cleaning service will bring your furniture back to a like-new condition, removing accumulated dirt, oils, and even stains or odors. A regular cleaning will extend the life of the upholstery material, while also improving the beauty and health of your furniture.

Stain and Odor Removal

Chances are at some point, a spill or stain will happen to your rugs, carpets, or upholstery. Whether its from food or drink or a pet urine accident, we likely have the tools and cleaning agents to safely and permanently remove the stain. We have guaranteed pet odor removal services, and most spots and spills qualify for our spot-free carpet guarantee. Contact us to schedule a cleaning or to get more information.

Green Cleaning Commitment

We believe that neither our cleaners nor our customers should have to be exposed to dangerous chemicals to get their homes or businesses spotless. With today’s advanced cleaning technology and up to date equipment, you no longer need to be exposed to harsh chemicals that can lead to rashes, sickness, or other negative reactions. We even make sure to use pet-safe chemicals to ensure everything from a guinea pig to a great dane aren’t harmed by our services.

Most of our cleaning agents are natural products and in fact, the bulk of the cleaning in most instances is done by hot, highly pressurized water mixed with detergents that wash the dirt and grime away. You can rest assured your home or business will be both clean and healthy when we are done.

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