Upholstery Cleaning Sacramento

We are Sacramento’s expert cleaners of upholstered furniture, whether its a large couch, office furniture, recliners, or even car seats. We can also clean most types of fabric upholstery, as well as leather upholstery. As a locally owned and operated business, Carpet Cleaning Sacramento is dedicated to serving our friends and neighbors with the best upholstery cleaning and we back all our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

Sacramento Upholstery CleaningWhether you couch has pet stains or your kids’ abuse of furniture has left it having a different color than you remember, we can clean it up. The same steam cleaning process used to clean carpets is adjusted slightly to remove dirt, grime, allergens, and more from your clothe or fabric upholstery (leather upholstery is cleaned with a different cleaning process). Hot water is mixed with cleaning detergents, and sprayed under pressure into your upholstery. This loosens and agitates the dirt. It is then sucked up via a powerful vacuum, removing the dirty water from your furniture leaving the upholstery clean and fresh.

A professional upholstery cleaning should be performed every couple of years on your furniture for it is a key in maintaining a healthy home and long-lasting, beautiful furniture.

Treating Stains or Odors in Upholstery

Additional cleaning agents may be needed to eliminate stains or odors. While some stains are just impossible to remove (short of bleaching), we can remove most of them. This includes the most common stains we get calls for – food, most drinks including wine, grease and oil, and of course pet urine accidents. It’s always best to give us a call immediately after a stain happens. However, we can treat most spots even if they’ve been sitting for a while, though the results may be less complete.

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Call us today to get a free quote for your upholstery cleaning in Sacramento, CA or surrounding areas. We would love to get your upholstered furniture back to like they were new.

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